Ven’tera: a savage and untamed world, filled to the brim with monstrous beasts and deadly Wryverns. A place where civilization has been overtaken and washed away by the harsh elements of nature and the passage of time.
Mankind hangs to life by a thread, living among the clouds in large, heavily protected floating cities suspended by magic energy. It is in these safe havens where mortals try to irk out a place of civilization in a world where they have been placed on the bottom of the food chain by vicious creatures. Despite being relatively safe amongst the clouds, resources are sparse and hard to come by inside the cities walls and regular journeys to the surface must be made in order to obtain them. Only the bravest (or foolish) mortals dare venture down into the deadly lands below to accomplish the tasks needed to survive in the skies.
You are one of those brave souls who journey down into the deadly wilds of the surface world, the ones they call “Traversers”. Whether you are in it for the glory, thrills, knowledge, a sense of duty, or just for the gold, you do what is necessary for mortal kind to continue living and you are greatly rewarded for it… if you manage to survive, that is.

Paid to Slay

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