Traverser and Mission Types

“Listen Rookie, just because you didn’t get picked for this mission doesn’t mean you’re useless to us. You know how you are useless to us? Dead. Better luck next time.”- Traversers Guild Mission Organizer.

Traverser Guild Sects


A researcher studies the ancient ruins of the surface world or creatures of which little is known about. Although they are qualified to venture onto the surface, they rarely do so, often leaving the surface work to gatherers while they focus on their academic studies in the sky.


A tracker keeps a close eye on the territories and migration patterns of creatures (and of other city states…) and sends their information back to city. Although a majority of Trackers focus their skills mapping out the surface and studying monster hunting patterns, their emphasis on stealth and subterfuge make them desirable spies and assassins. Often the city-states will employ Trackers for missions of political interest rather than surface work.


A slayer, in the simplest of terms, specializes in the catching and/or killing of monsters. Being well regarded for their martial prowess, they are often tasked as bodyguards or escorts for caravans that cross the surface.


A gatherer fishes, mines metal, and gathers crops from the surface and brings them back to the floating cities for use in everyday life. They have been known to work very closely with other hunters, finding ancient artifacts on the surface for Researchers and carrying away slain beast back to the city states for slayers.

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Traverser and Mission Types

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