The Cities above and the Land Below

The Floating City States:

Ven’tera is made of up of 7 City States that float high above the surface world and away from most the dangers that lurk beneath. Each city has its own form of government and traversing business operates differently from each other. Some are run and operated within its own government (Dominika, Lyromar), some work completely independent or just lightly regulated from their ruling state and take the form of a guild (Avingard, Morstrad).

Avingard: The Cosmopolitan city-state that currently holds the most hunting grounds and rune gates on Ven’tera, making it the most profitable place to be for freelance traversers. The Traversers guild runs independently from the government in Avingard, but they are still heavily monitored by the Avingard Counsel.

Dominika: The Draconian ruled city that values the retaking and conquest of Ven’tera above all else. The Dictator controls all aspects of surface world business, including traversing. To be a Traverser in Dominika is to be part of their military conquest.

Lyromar: The Capital City of the Life’s Light Order. It is run like a Theocracy, with the Grand Cleric and the Church of Light running all aspects of government, including traverser business.

Morstrad: The Dwarf settlement that is a large collection of floating mountains with the city itself built within them. The Traversers guild in Morstrad works very closely with the guild in Avingard as they share most of their rune gates and hunting grounds. This makes Avingard their closest ally in terms of government as well.

Riviara: The Elven territory of floating forest and trees also known as the “Sky Wood”.

Seersten: The Mage city that puts more focus on scholarly pursuits and uncovering the worlds past then on the more “Animalistic” past-times of Hunting and slaying. Because of this, they are close allies with Avingard and Morstrad, relying on them for both rune gates and man power when traversing Ven’terra. Seersten is often called “The mind of Avingard”.

Wu-Xing: The Oriental city ruled by a enigmatic and self-indulgent emperor whose selfish whims take higher priority then his peoples own needs.

The Savage Continents:

The Cities above and the Land Below

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